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VISIA® Advanced Skin Analysis

Visia skin analysis

Measuring success is one of the ways that we can make bold claims about how we can change your skin for the better. We have seen the results, but we want you to see them too.

Using the  Visia® skin analysis system as part of the facial consultation we can view your skin in microscopic detail and, Serenity takes an unprecedented understanding  of your skin, which helps you maximise the potential benefits of Serenity’s comprehensive treatments and products, to ensure that we are doing everything possible to make your skin as healthy and rejuvenated as possible.

The VISIA® skin and complexion analysis uses multi-spectral imaging to reveal damage and signs of ageing on and beneath the surface of the skin that is not visible to the human eye. VISIA’s®  computer imaging enables serenity to evaluate the health and appearance of your skin based on six criteria that affect your complexion: 

Serenity uses the skin data to determine an effective rejuvenation regime for your specific needs. This can include a number of treatments such as skin peels, facials and Omnilux light therapy. It can also include a detoxification and relaxation course as a precursor to a treatment programme. A home routine will also and most importantly be provided as daily care and cleansing with products to match your skin type, life style, age and condition.

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