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Active Ingredients – Hylaronic Acid, Dexpathenol, DNA

Hylaronic Acid is already present throughout the connective tissue in our bodies, as we get older the level of HA reduces. This reduction is a big part of the ageing process, causing loss of elasicity in the skin which manifests itself as fine lines and wrinkles.meso, therapy, birmingham, serenity, ton, skin, wrinkles, reduction

HA fills the space between our collagen and elastin fibres, the main role of Hylaronic acid is to provide a mechanism of transport for essential nutrients from the bloodstream to pass to the cells. It will also hydrate the skin by holding in water and is key to dermis renewal and the elimination of harmful compounds found in the skin.

Dexpathenol is also called Pro-Vitamin B5 and is naturally present in our skin and hair. And is part of the Coenzyme A, which is an essential part of the structure and regeneration of the Epitelial Lipids.

Topical Dexpathenol acts like a moisturiser, improving the stratum corneum hydration by reducing water loss and maintaining skin softness and elasticity. Beneficial effects of Dexpathenol have been observed with patients who have scar treatment, therapy for burns as it can act as a calming agent.

Dexpathenol is essential for our tissue to function normally. When it is applied to our skin and hair it is quickly converted to its bioactive form Vitamin B5, which will accelrate call regeneration. This regeneration process will help to repair damaged tissue improving the overall look and feel of the skin.

DNA can be found in the cell nucleus of all living things and is the origin of the genertic code. It has been observed that DNA has the power to restore cells, reconstructing the connective tissue by stimulating the scaring process.

Because of its restorative effects on proteins, DNA acts against Collagen destruction by Sunrays, Oxidative stress and Tobacco.

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