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no needle, botox, birmingham, serenity, acne, skin, wrinkle, lift Active Ingredients РArgirline

Inspired by the MesoBotox treatment, this solution combines two ingredients to no needle, botox, skin, tightening, birmingham, serenityachieve a non-toxic Botox effect.

It will reduce and prevent emotional lines by inhibiting muscle contractions.

Argirline is an Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, which means it is a chain of 6 amino acids. This unique peptide is incredibly effective in decreasing the development of existing expression lines.

This solution is a non-toxic, safer and milder form alternative to Botulinum Toxin, but can have similar results as it targets the same wrinkle formations but in a very different way.

Area applied to: From forehead to lips

We will not use with Meso:Repair (DMAE) as they have an opposite effect, Meso:Btox is relaxing the muscle whereas Meso:Repair performs skin tightening. You can however alternate between the two products every other week or treat on seperate areas of the face.



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