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Why Men have Pedicures

The treatment of a foot-soaking pedicure is not just a luxury for women; instead, pedicures for men can improve foot health and keep feet looking their best.

Health Benefits

Regular pedicures can help men avoid foot health complications. Keeping toenails neatly trimmed and short with regular pedicures can prevent ingrown toenails and the subsequent infections that can result from ingrown nails. Short, neat toenails also help prevent the development of difficult-to-treat toenail fungus, and cleaning the dirt and bacteria from under toenails helps to eliminate foot odor. Additionally, dry, cracked feet can lead to tiny invisible cuts in the skin, making feet more susceptible to the types of contagious skin conditions that can be easily picked up in gym locker rooms or public pools, such as warts. Pedicures moisturize the skin to prevent this cracking. The exfoliation of dead, rough skin prevents painful corns and bunions from forming.


There is nothing manly about being stressed and having sore, tired feet. Perhaps the most appealing part of a pedicure is the chance to sit back and treat your feet to a relaxing massage. Pedicures typically last forty-five minutes to an hour, giving you a chance to wind down while the pedicurist tend to your toes. In addition to letting your feet soak in a warm bath, most pedicurists treat both your feet and calves to a relaxing massage. The massage both relieves tension and softens skin, resulting in a smoother, more relaxed you.

The Polish Debate

Although most women end their soothing pedicure with polish application, most men are not privy to the idea of color on their toes. Although there is nothing wrong with a man showing his true colors through a bold polish hue, men who are wary of pedicure polish should be relieved to hear that there is no need for it. All of the health and relaxation benefits of a pedicure are independent of your polish choice. If you do not want color but would be interested in a healthy shine, ask your pedicure for a clear polish application. The layer of polish will protect the nails’ new clean shapes, and add a subtle sheen to your nails without attracting the attention of a bright color. You can even ask for a clear matte basecoat, which will not shine at all but protect and strengthen your nails.

The Attractiveness Factor

Cracked, dead, rough skin is anything but attractive. Jagged, breaking nails are not the best look either. If you take care of the skin on your face, why not take car of the skin on your feet? Pedicures keep your skin smooth and healthy, and your nails trim and clean. If added to your regular grooming routine, a pedicure is really no different than a regular haircut or shave. It keeps your feet looking attractive and clean.


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