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The most dramatic change you can make in your facial appearance, without having cosmetic surgery is having your eyebrows properly shaped. Here’s your opportunity to experience this treatment and walk out of the salon a different person!

Threading is an exceptionally quick, convenient and natural way to remove facial hair. The treatment uses Indian cotton, which is twisted together to remove hairs from their roots. The technique allows for a more precise definition and shaping of the eyebrows.

Although the eyebrows are the most popular facial area to have threaded, we offer full facial hair removal, including upper lip, chin, cheeks and forehead in our comfortable, private treatment room.

Serenity’s highly skilled, professional therapists, with more than 18 years combined experience, who can give you just the eyebrow shape that you want. They are particularly skilled in re-shaping the eyebrows to complement and enhance the facial features and open up the whole face.

How threading compares to other hair removal treatments:
Quicker than tweezing and better plucking precision
Longer lasting (4-8 weeks)
Less painful than waxing
No harmful chemicals or hot wax involved
The top layer of skin is not removed or damaged
Precise shaping with a more natural line to the finished eyebrow
Threading removes large areas of facial hair quickly and effectively without damaging the skin or causing irritation
Threading has the advantage of removing the fine downy hair that simply eludes tweezers, providing a flawless skin base for make up.

Please Note:Thread is not held in the trained therapist mouth when your treatment is undertaken. We do not allow the technique of holding thread in the mouth to be undertaken due to contamination  and poor hygiene. The thread becomes contaminated with germs and saliva from a persons mouth putting others health at risk.



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