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B-Active range

The Environ ß-Active range is a skin care range formulated for consumers who have problem skins. We recommend that the ß-Active range be used in conjunction with the vitamin A moisturisers in the AVST range. Most of the products in this range contain a combination of Australian Tea Tree Oil, colostrum and salicylic acid. Warning: Consumers allergic to salicylic acid (aspirin), a Beta Hydroxy Acid may only use Sebugel A and Sebuspot in this range.

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Sebuprep – A deep, specific pre-cleanser that is the most important step in the control of breakouts. It helps to retain the natural oils of the skin while minimising excessive secretion of oils from the sebaceous glands, thereby removing the cause of breakouts. Contains mineral oil, tea tree oil and salicylic acid. The mineral oil reduces both blackheads and whiteheads. Sebuprep is fragrance and preservative free, and does not contain a sunscreen.

Sebuwash –  is a gel cleanser in a very mild formula with a low foaming activity. The antiseptic properties of the Australian Tea Tree Oil and the mild exfoliant properties of Salicylic Acid contained in Sebuwash make this an ideal cleanser for people with a problem skin.It also includes an ingredient to disperse excess oil on the skin. Sebuwash is fragrance and preservative free and does not contain a sunscreen.

Sebutone – is a medium strength toner containing tea tree oil and natural lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the skin and also improves hydration. A low dose of alcohol helps to de-grease the skin, thereby enhancing the penetration of Sebugel-A. Sebutone is fragrance and preservative free, and does not contain a sunscreen.

Sebugel-A – is a gel formula containing a low dose of vitamin A in combination with tea tree oil, colostrum and Panthenol. It helps to reduce sebum production while moisturising and soothing the problem skin. Sebugel-A does not contain a fragrance or sunscreen, but it does contain a preservative.

Sebuspot – is a mild, effective lotion designed for use on inflamed areas of the skin and breakouts. Contains low doses of salicylic acid and alcohol which facilitate the penetration of the tea tree oil into pores and inflamed areas.Sebuspot is fragrance and preservative free, and does not contain a sunscreen.

Sebumasque – removes excess oil from the skin’s surface and helps to refine the skin’s appearance. it aids in soothing irritation, helping to achive a clear, promblem-free complexion.


Environ skincare products cannot be ordered online due to high concentrations of active ingredients. However you can Serenity 0121 683 for an Environ consultation to ensure you have the correct product advice and purschase at the Clinic.


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