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Omnilux™ Plus is used for the purpose of skin rejuvenation.

This invisible wavelength of light has an excellent remodelling effect on the dermis helping to stimulate elongated tough collagen fibres. This is an excellent anti-ageing treatment resulting in an amazing reduction in the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles, open pores as well as delivering an overall firming and evening of the skin tone.

The Plus light Wavelength also invigorates the natural healing activity of the skin and therefore can be safely administered to aid wound healing.

This is an ideal treatment to have before and after surgery to help support the body’s natural healing process and it is also a great add on treatment to prolong the effects of fillers.

This light can also be used in combination with both Omnilux™  Revive and Blue Light Therapy to obtain optimum treatment results.

Courses of light therapy treatments are recommended to give you the ultimate skincare regime.

Courses are tailored for each individual client by a trained practitioner who will assess your personal skincare needs.










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