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An anti-bacterial Blue light wavelength that is used for acne conditions and that helps to kill bacteria as well as regulating oil production.
Omnilux™ Blue light therapy creates a healthy bacteria free environment deep within the skin to reduce future breakouts and acne lesions, large or small.
Research has shown that Omnilux™ Blue is more effective at killing bacteria within the skin than current antibiotics and an 81% reduction in lesions is clinically proven.
For moderate acne, combine with Omnilux™ Revive which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help minimise the redness of acne lesions.
For severe acne, combine with Omnilux™ Plus to help stimulate healing and to minimise scarring whist promoting healthy skin.
Courses of light therapy treatments are recommended to give you the ultimate skincare regime.
Courses are tailored for each individual client after assessment of your personal skincare needs. (Find out more about Visia Facial Consultation).
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