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Collagen Stimulation Therapy – Fact’s

1. Collagen Stimulation Therapy ™(CST) is a treatment used to stimulate collagen production and tighten skin.  It combines micro-needling, performed by a our trained professional, with topical vitamin skincare.  It is indicated for wrinkles, acne scarring, slack skin, stretch marks and burn scars and can also be used to help tighten skin after liposuction.  It has also been shown to significantly lighten pigmentation marks.


2. The treatment involves thousands of tiny needle pricks to the skin. The resultant bleeding initiates the release of platelets which in turn release a cascade of growth factors. This is what stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a tighter, smoother and younger looking skin. One of the key growth factors released (TGF B3) is normally only found in foetal tissue and is responsible for initiating scarless healing.

3. Micro-needling is the only treatment (that we know of) that has conclusively been shown to REGENERATE tissue and restore the nature collagen framework of the dermis (as seen in young skin). Unlike other anti-ageing treatments it also regenerates elastin.  In normal wound healing the body produces predominantly Collagen type III. However, with Collagen Stimulation Therapy ™ it has been shown that Collagen type I is the predominant form that is laid down. This is the form of collagen found in young skin.

4. The holes in the skin close completely within 12 hours and it has been shown that after 12 hours there is no evidence of any damage to the epidermis. The bleeding stops almost immediately and the skin is left flushed (like a sunburn) for only about 24 hours. The healing phase lasts between 5 and 7 days and during this time the skin can feel dry and tight and will often flake. Some people can also experience a few spotsAfter this the skin will look radiant, smooth and fresh.

5. It will take longer to notice the tightening effects from Collagen Stimulation Therapy ™.  Dr Des Fernandes, known as the founding father of needling, has been performing micro-needling treatments since the early 1990s. One of the main things that he has learnt is that effects take time and the best results are achieved after multiple treatments (minimum of 6).  It takes time for the skin to lay down a thick layer of collagen and we advise that people should not expect to see significant tightening results until around 3 months after your first treatment.  People will then start to notice something different and comment on how good your skin is looking. The skin will continue to improve even after 6 months and treatments can be repeated

6. It is vitally important that the skin is first prepared with Environ vitamin A products for a minimum of 3 weeks prior to treatment.  Ideally it should be 3 months. The longer the skin has been prepared with vitamin A the faster and better it will heal.  Vitamin A has been proven to thicken the epidermis and increase collagen deposition.

7. Environ’s professional-use rollers contain 108 needles. This number has been carefully chosen as too many needles will cause a resistance to penetration.  Imagine an Indian Fakir lying on his densely packed bed of nails.  He feels no discomfort and doesn’t bleed because the nails don’t penetrate his skin.  Image the same bed with far less needles, and he will pierce his skin on every needle easily.  The same goes for getting an effective result with a roller, sometimes less gives more!



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